During this confidential, in-depth assessment, your homeopath will want to know precise details of your current illness, but will also consider other aspects of your health including your past medical history, diet, lifestyle and personality.

As homeopaths our job is to get a thorough understanding of your health and the exact symptoms you are experiencing. Based on that, they will find a homeopathic remedy that matches you and your symptoms.

"Homeopathy is a holistic approach to healing which rightly puts the whole human being at the heart of its practice. Without acknowledging the indivisibility of body, mind, soul, and spirit, perceiving the totality of the individual disease will remain an elusive goal. We certainly expect every well-trained homeopath to practice with the individual patient at the center of his/her attention and with the patient’s unique wholeness in mind”1.

Practicing homeopathy requires a holistic and open-minded approach to all information pertaining to the patient’s persona and disease as a whole and Homeopathic Medical Matter.

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