Complex Homeopathics

Complex Homeopathics

A Complex Remedy is a mixture of homeopathic remedies in the one bottle. It may also be called a combination remedy. Complexes can be useful for minor or acute health problems when the needed single remedy is unknown.

Complexes are a “quick-fix” when you are unsure of which single homeopathic remedy to use for your problem. They will not interact with other medicines and are safe and simple to use.

Complexes can help but only if the remedy you need is in the mix. If not, the Complex won’t harm you but it won’t help either. Complexes are designed for simple acute ailments such as motion sickness, colic, flu, teething, sprains, stings, etc.  Complexes are only intended for short-term use. 

As your symptoms improve, the doses of the Complex should be taken only as needed, i.e., when improvement stalls or symptoms start to return. More is not better with homeopathy so don’t take unnecessary doses.

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