The accupressure or digitopuncture is a Tibetan massage technique that greatly facilitates the life of the body. Its main function is to rebalance the energy in the first whatever the treatment provided thereafter. Therefore, it is understandable that a single meeting is not sufficient to recreate harmony in the body and find a sustainable balance. The Accupressure is the labor movement activation pressure by the fingertips reached on neural circuits to put the body in a good state, to make it active. It is more Guided stabilize the nervous tension and facilitate the arterial dilation, it improves cardiac function, bowel, sexual and kidney. When the physical or mental fatigue seems unjustified, that your body barely under the weight of your life, accupressure will allow you to rebalance your energy and restore your morale. By digitopuncture, you can eliminate these tensions and these nerve impulses that spontaneous betray you so often. The results of Digitopuncture are almost always effective and sustainable. But whatever your needs never hesitate to ask many questions as possible. The information that will be provided by the specialist will be needed to better understand the reactions of your body and live with him in better harmony.The digitopuncture can also be used for the rejuvenation of the face and I can testify personally.

The digitopuncture helps you to awaken the self of your body and maintain its tone.If you wake up your back pain seems already under the weight of your body, maybe your spine has simply lost its alignment.

By digitopuncture you find this alignment while recognizing the value that you bring to this wall that support your spine, you must learn to protect and improve the quality of your life. In your life, your nervousness makes you unconsciously your first enemy. The digitopuncture and help you reconcile with your body.

The principles of digitopuncture are of Japanese origin but based on Chinese medicine. Is a method of regulating the flow of energy per inch pressure on specific points or throughout the acupuncture meridians.

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